Book: 1984 – Orwell’s Vision – 01

Book: 1984
Entry: 01

The tone is serious.

My fascination with dystopia is limited, but this is too close to reality as it could be. The dark notes of the beginning of the book makes me dive into it more.

Everything is overheard, and except in darkness, every moment scrutinized

On the same page


Does it relate to the past as well as it does to the future? War is Peace, or at least some thought, will bring peace. But what if War is Peace for some people, in the literal sense. Is freedom just a dream of the enslaved, at all times? As history has taught us, we do ignore the wrongdoings on others, and that itself needs strength.

Another fascinating thing is the branding of daily consumables. Victory Cigarettes and Victory Gin, as if it is to feed in the subconscious of masses.

While turning to the next page, it caught my eye. The scariest thought among thinkers, not being able to keep an account of anything. These are the first steps of a wise dictator; not letting anyone write anything for the future generation to see. Almost as if they do see the faults to their methods and don’t want the assumed wiser future generations to remember them. Imagine the insecurity of a all powerful dictator who’s full of himself otherwise.