Project for Week 1 – ThisIsCode

I really wanted to quote unquote my code in a highlighted box. Nothing fancy, just black background and white Courier font. Doesn’t seem to find that on a WP Plugin repository. But then again, I’m VERY lazy for these kind of things. The things I found were either too fancy or time consuming for me to actually work on them.

So this is a good start, we discussed a few days ago that I’ll do a project every fortnight. This is something that I want to do. A nice button on the visual editor which will wrap code in shortcode and then display it in the post. Here’s a requirement sketch:

  1. Ability to select the code and highlight it
  2. Not MANY configurable options, just a button to highlight code.
  3. Black background, white font, 12px Courier.

And that’s pretty much it. Just to show that this is a code and should be differentiated from the post.

Would like to work on it ASAP, but hey, life’s happening 🙂